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Most good quality computers when purchased come with a UPS (uninterruptable power supply), which should avoid any power surge damaging computer equipment.  

The storage of your generator depends again on the size/location and can vary from a wooden enclosure to a brick enclosure.

If stored correctly in a cool dry place, diesel should last a year and petrol should last around 2 months.

Diesel is approximately £6.17 per gallon and petrol is approximately £5.92 per gallon.  Obviously the cost to yourself is depenent on both the size of your generator and how long you run the generator for. 

Yes, please contact us for service contract details.

The warranty period for your generator is 12 months.

This is dependent on the size of generator ordered – we will be able to give you a time-frame once you have chosen your generator model, but generally a smaller generator can be fitted in a day and a larger model can take a couple of days to install.

Questions to ask yourself to help choose your generator:-

Please call to discuss exactly what it is you need from your generator and we will be able to come to a mutual decision about which one is best for you.  Our freephone number is 0800 080 6206.


We strive to install all generators as quickly as possible.  Once we have discussed your requirements with you and carried out your free survey and once your deposit has been paid, we will then be able to give you a date for installation.

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