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Trebled Risk of UK Blackouts

Trebled Risk of UK Blackouts – The Telegraph 27th June 2014

Reported by Emily Gosden and Rowena Mason.

According to The Telegraph, Ofgem have warned that the risk of UK blackouts have tripled in a year.

See below for the skinny on The Telegraph’s findings.


The Telegraph has cited that over the past year the risk of blackouts in the UK has trebled – thus leaving Britain facing an energy crunch that will increase bills, the energy regulator Ofgem has said.

Due to the failure in the UK to build sufficient new nuclear power stations and wind farms to replace the old fossil fuel plants, we are being warned of energy shortages by the middle of this decade.

This lack of energy clashes with the fact that far fewer households than expected are changing over to green appliances and insulating their lofts.

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